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68 Climate Leaders Changing The Film And TV Industry
Favianna Rodriguez, Award-winning interdisciplinary artist and President of Cultural Power makes Forbes list for true climate leaders working every day to make the TV and Film industry part of the solution.
Bobby Gordon
Favianna Rodriguez on the Intersection of Art, Social Change, and Climate Action (Exclusive)
Green Matters
Favianna Rodriguez founded The Center for Cultural Power to teach artists how to use their skills to help achieve social change.
Pop Sugar
I've Had 3 Abortions, and This Is Why We Must Destigmatize Our Experiences
Pop Sugar
Favianna shares her abortion stories with POPSUGAR, and the reasons why we must destigmatize our experiences.This article is part of POPSUGAR's 50 States, 50 Abortions, a large-scale storytelling project that aims to elevate the voices of people who've had abortions.
Bobby Gordon
Five Questions for Favianna Rodriguez
Diablo Magazine
Diablo Magazine sits down with Favianna to ask five questions about her life and art practice.
Craig Lee/The Examiner
Presidio Tunnel Tops murals: art with a message
San Francisco Examiner
Favianna Rodriguez, the artist and activist behind the new murals debuting Sunday at the Presidio Tunnel Tops park, hopes to demonstrate that we must look back to repair the future with her work. Rodriguez is part of the Presidio Activator Council, a group of Bay Area community leaders, activists and artists representing those who have been historically underrepresented in national parks.
Alex Grant
Tunnel Tops Park Supports a More Inclusive Future
Bay Nature
Among the new attractions, Tunnel Tops features vibrant, larger-than-life outdoor murals by Rodriguez, titled Ancestral Futurism. One of the murals includes a banner reading, “Welcome to the homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone,” referring to the Indigenous people who first lived on the San Francisco peninsula. The lively, colorful artworks are part of the Presidio’s efforts to reimagine what it means to be an accessible, inclusive urban national park.
Q+A with Artist and Presidio Activator Favianna Rodriguez
Artist and Presidio Activator Favianna Rodriguez created a beautiful, colorful piece of art at the Presidio Tunnel Tops Outpost Plaza. Read a brief interview with Favianna where she talks about how she hopes visitors will experience her art.
Bobby Gordon
Favianna Rodriguez Says Having Abortions Helped Her Reach Her Goals
Business Insider
Favianna Rodriguez who is a 43 year old artist who runs a nonprofit that employs other women of color discusses how having 2 abortions helped her reach her goals.
Students can decompress in a garden at a new East Oakland schoolyard
Until Thursday, Markham Elementary was the only elementary in Oakland without a playground. The situation for those students changed thanks to the support of the Warriors Community Foundation... In the middle of the garden, freshly-planted trees, and playground, there is a new basketball court with a mural by artist Favianna Rodriguez.
Warriors Community Foundation Unveils Refurbished Basketball Court and Schoolyard in Oakland
The renovation of the Markham Elementary School basketball court included the resurfacing of the entire playing area with new lines, center court graphics and logos, new hoops and backboards, and a new mural designed by Favianna Rodriguez, an Oakland-based artist.
Latina to Latina
Artist and Organizer Favianna Rodriguez Knows that Pleasure is Political
Latina to Latina Podcast
In this interview series, host Alicia Menendez talks to remarkable Latinas about making it, faking it, and everything in between. In this episode, Favianna shares how she got clear about the things she was fighting for, and how she built a life that allows her to embrace pleasure and joy.
Artist Favianna Rodriguez on Transcending Pain Through Art
VOX Media
In this episode of Into the Mix, host Ashley C. Ford talks with artist Favianna Rodriguez — maker of bold, energetic murals, prints, and sculptures — about how her work both names, and helps transcend, the pain of systemic racism. She’ll share how her work explores the themes of racial and economic injustice through a “yes” framework that embodies how we want to live in the world.
Bobby Gordon
Favianna Rodriguez on the Power of Art to Heal Polarization
Philanthropy Women
Favianna speaks with Philanthropy Women for their Feminist Giving IRL Series about what inspires her, gender equity, and what she wished she knew when she started out in her profession.
Old Navy
Old Navy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Limited-Edition Tees
Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diverse mix of Latino cultures within the US and recognizes their contributions to society. As part of Old Navy’s Project WE, the brand is celebrating the commemorative month by tapping three Latinx artists to create limited-edition graphic tees inspired by their heritage.
Old Navy
See Why Old Navy Tapped 3 Latinx Artists to Design Tees That Honor Their Unique Heritages
Pop Sugar
Old Navy has always been a go-to destination for cute graphic tees, but now, thanks to the Project WE initiative, you can support an important cause and look stylish at the same time. The new line of Project WE T-shirts celebrates Latinx Heritage Month through unique and colorful designs.
Bampfa’s ‘New Time’ Explores The Nature Of Feminist Art Today
Berkeley News
New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century, a multi-gallery landmark exhibition that features nearly 150 artworks by more than 75 artists and collectives of all generations that explore the nature of feminist art today.
Scott La Rockwell
The Roots That Grow The Cultural Field We Need Today
Philanthropy News Digest
Favianna discusses the groundbreaking donation from Mackenzie Scott, who made a massive $2.7 billion investment in support of 286 organizations working to spark change and empower individuals, including the Center for Cultural Power.
Bobby Gordon
Imagination, Transformed
Atmos magazine
The Frontline interviews climate justice leader and artist Favianna Rodriguez on the power of culture and why we need more creators of color to take on the climate crisis.
Bobby Gordon
The Language Of Connection: An Interview With Artist Favianna Rodriguez
TEF Design
Favianna talks about her 113-foot-long glass mural along one wall of the natatorium at the Garfield Center in the heart of the Mission District. The piece, Santuario, celebrates the long presence of Latinx families in the Mission. She talks about the origins of the piece and the role of artists in building community and addressing social justice.
50 Years of Earth Day: Artist-Activist Favianna Rodriguez Explains Why Climate Action Is More Important Than Ever
Favianna Rodriguez’s organization The Center for Cultural Power has teamed up with the Earth Day Network to pass the torch of climate action to the girls, women of color, and indigenous communities whose futures are most affected by climate change.
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