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Bobby Gordon
Favianna Rodriguez on the Power of Art to Heal Polarization
Philanthropy Women
Favianna speaks with Philanthropy Women for their Feminist Giving IRL Series about what inspires her, gender equity, and what she wished she knew when she started out in her profession.
Old Navy
Old Navy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Limited-Edition Tees
Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diverse mix of Latino cultures within the US and recognizes their contributions to society. As part of Old Navy’s Project WE, the brand is celebrating the commemorative month by tapping three Latinx artists to create limited-edition graphic tees inspired by their heritage.
Old Navy
See Why Old Navy Tapped 3 Latinx Artists to Design Tees That Honor Their Unique Heritages
Pop Sugar
Old Navy has always been a go-to destination for cute graphic tees, but now, thanks to the Project WE initiative, you can support an important cause and look stylish at the same time. The new line of Project WE T-shirts celebrates Latinx Heritage Month through unique and colorful designs.
Bampfa’s ‘New Time’ Explores The Nature Of Feminist Art Today
Berkeley News
New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century, a multi-gallery landmark exhibition that features nearly 150 artworks by more than 75 artists and collectives of all generations that explore the nature of feminist art today.
Scott La Rockwell
The Roots That Grow The Cultural Field We Need Today
Philanthropy News Digest
Favianna discusses the groundbreaking donation from Mackenzie Scott, who made a massive $2.7 billion investment in support of 286 organizations working to spark change and empower individuals, including the Center for Cultural Power.
Bobby Gordon
Imagination, Transformed
Atmos magazine
The Frontline interviews climate justice leader and artist Favianna Rodriguez on the power of culture and why we need more creators of color to take on the climate crisis.
Bobby Gordon
The Language Of Connection: An Interview With Artist Favianna Rodriguez
TEF Design
Favianna talks about her 113-foot-long glass mural along one wall of the natatorium at the Garfield Center in the heart of the Mission District. The piece, Santuario, celebrates the long presence of Latinx families in the Mission. She talks about the origins of the piece and the role of artists in building community and addressing social justice.
Watch: What’s next for the arts in Oakland?
The Oaklandside
The Oaklandside sat down with two local figures heavily involved with the arts to get their perspective: Kev Choice and Favianna Rodriguez. Choice and Rodriguez are part of the Artists in Action coalition, leading the conversation around the future of arts and culture in Oakland.
50 Years of Earth Day: Artist-Activist Favianna Rodriguez Explains Why Climate Action Is More Important Than Ever
Favianna Rodriguez’s organization The Center for Cultural Power has teamed up with the Earth Day Network to pass the torch of climate action to the girls, women of color, and indigenous communities whose futures are most affected by climate change.
Courtesy SF Rec and Parks
SF Mission District’s Garfield Square Gets $19.7 Million Facelift
Renovations complete at Mission District’s Garfield Square
A $19.7 million renovation project at Garfield Square in San Francisco’s Mission District was finished on Monday after more than two years of construction. Artist Favianna Rodriguez created a new glass mural for the indoor pool area.
'¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now'
Art Fix Daily
The exhibition “¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now” presents, for the first time, historical civil rights-era prints by Chicano artists alongside works by graphic artists working from the 1980s to today.
Real Fruitvale
Fruitvale artist honors the dead, celebrates life of the community
El Tecolote
As this year’s artist for Fruitvale’s Dia de los Muertos, Rodriguez went beyond creating a colorful illustration for a flyer. As the festival’s website notes, “2020 has been a year of sickness, fear, suffering and despotism,” and Rodriguez did not ignore this reality in her creations.
Jeff Chang & Favianna Rodriguez Discuss The Steps To Racial Reconciliation
This week's episode of Vibe Check welcomes guests Jeff Chang and Favianna Rodriguez of the Cultural New Deal. The organization serves as a call for each of us to transform our personal, institutional, and global thinking in the pursuit of cultural and racial justice.
Why ‘All We Can Save’ Will Make You Feel Hopeful About the Climate Crisis
Rolling Stone
A new anthology spotlighting women climate leaders offers solutions, encouragement, and an invitation to join the movement.
The Cultural New Deal is Making Its Way Through with Full Force
BELatina News spoke to Favianna Rodriguez, the President of The Center for Cultural Power about The Cultural New Deal, a call that proposes a new way to move towards new understandings of how to build a culture that is inclusive, sustainable, and leads us toward justice and freedom for all.
Black Lives Matter meets Black Rock City at Burning Man
One of the principles guiding Burning Man is "Radical Inclusion." But the temporary city that Burners build in the desert has never been racially diverse. This radio episode explores why there's been a disconnect between racial and radical inclusion at Burning Man, and what some Burners are doing to change that.
Favianna Rodriguez
Photo Essay: Favianna Rodriguez uses her artwork as political commentary
USA Today
Through her interdisciplinary art, Favianna Rodriguez explores a range of themes from social justice, racial and gender equality, to climate change and immigration.
Favianna Rodriguez on why art matters in a time of crisis
Growing up in the Bay Area, 2018 Grist 50 Fixer Favianna Rodriguez witnessed firsthand the impact that pollution and racial injustice had on her friends and family. Now an interdisciplinary artist and activist, she connects the dots between climate change, justice, and an extractive economy.
How Artists Can Instigate Social Change, According to a New Guide
The Center for Cultural Power launches a new toolkit, No Going Back: A COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide for Artists and Activists. The free PDF guide breaks down how artists can use their work to promote visions of a more equitable world, and how those visions can be leveraged to shift culture and inspire systemic changes.
Time is your most valuable asset and use it wisely.” With Penny Bauder & Favianna Rodriguez
Thrive Global
Favianna talks with Penny Bauder about her passion for igniting change, where art and social movements meet and how art is something that is for ALL of us. Art should reflect our many diverse experiences and be the thread that unites as human beings.
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