Plant Based Healing V

Monotype Collage on Wood Panel with Mixed Media
12 x 12 x 1.5 inches

My new body of work is about personal transformation through my relationship to plant medicine and plant wisdom. Plants have been critical to my healing and my mental health, particularly as I learn to set better boundaries and invest energy into loving myself. I cultivate plants in the same way that I cultivate my ideas and my goals. I am persistent and disciplined, and I nourish them with attention. I go slow and pick off parasites. Plants are a reciprocal species, they reflect back to you the energy that you invest. It is through plants that I can connect to nature’s wisdom. They are a metaphor for my own evolution. Sometimes they talk to me in my dreams. I have over 300 green family members in my home and they all have a story. This series, completed in March 2019, is the first of a series of collages available to the public.