Earth Defender 2

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
14.13 x 11.88 inches

This collection is born from the remnants of my previous work, the Listen to Your Body series.

In my studio, I often find myself left with fragments of beauty, paper elements too precious to discard. These fragments become my treasures, saved and repurposed, finding new life in unexpected combinations with other orphaned elements from various collages.

Following the creation of the empowering Femmes of Earth series, I felt compelled to explore a looser artistic expression. It was during this moment that these two characters emerged. My intention was to evoke a sense of boundless energy, symbolized by their hair reaching out towards the sky. A dialogue unfolds between the sun and the moon, representing the dynamic relationship between Earth and cosmos.

Through these experimental collages, I bear witness the convergence of discarded fragments, brought together to form new narratives and celebrate the mighty spirit o

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