Colorado II

Monotype Collage on Wood Panel
12 x 12 x 1 inches

This series of monotype collages depicts my explorative relationship with nature, which evolved greatly over 2019, as I was in a year of healing and personal transformation. Throughout 2019, I spent significant time in nature, exploring wondrous spaces in the Colorado mountains, Montana, and on the coast and Redwoods of California. For my entire life, I grew up in urban concrete spaces and I did not have regular access to nature. In my 40’s, I am rekindling a relationship to mother earth as I decolonize my mind and get into right relationship with nature.

The more I understand and witness the effects of man-made climate change, the more deeply I connect to my own ancestral responsibility to defend nature. By being in nature, I am learning to see differently - unlearning the white male gaze - and working to be embodied in my own joy, leadership and power. These collages represent my own practice of liberation through a reconnection to nature and the multiverse, and reflect a new aesthetic approach to landscapes.

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