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Playboy unveils Pride campaign
As part of the multifaceted campaign, Playboy commissioned seven queer artists to create renderings that enable all people to express themselves and feel proud of who they are. Seth Bogart, Winston Elliott, C. Finley, Sarah Maxwell, Nina Palomba, Favianna Rodriguez and Loveis Weiss reimagined the iconic Playboy “bunny ears” to create celebratory pieces for “PRIDE IS GOOD.” These curated pieces represent Playboy’s “call-to-ears”— a physical manifestation of Playboy’s commitment to Pride and ongoing support of the LGBTQ community. Sale of the ears benefits The Trevor Project.
Actor Matt McGorry teams up with Playboy to promote Pride
Gay Star News
Actor Matt McGorry teams up with Playboy to promote Pride. McGorry took to Instagram to promote Playboy's new #PrideIsGood collection in collaboration with queer artists and The Trevor Project
Inflection Point 111: Gloria Steinem and Favianna Rodriguez at the Castro Theatre
Inflection Point
This special episode features a live conversation with activist, writer and feminist organizer, Gloria Steinem and Oakland-based artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez.
Favianna Rodriguez
Gloria Steinem on the moments that "get you off your ass and into the revolution"
"Inflection Point" talks to Gloria Steinem and Favianna Rodriguez about feminism and reproductive justice
Common Dreams
Arts Organizing Lifts Oakland Teachers Strike
Common Dreams
For the last two months a massive #strike-ready art-making collaboration between the Oakland Education Association, local artists and a team of arts organizers has been building momentum, participation and created thousands of pieces of hand made art that has been used in public actions leading up to the strike and will be seen on the picket lines.
Ben & Jerry's
East Bay Express
Ben & Jerry’s released this week a limited-batch flavor called Pecan Resist — and the carton is graced with the vibrant art of Oakland mixed-media artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez.
Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group
Oakland artist Favianna Rodriguez is the face behind Ben and Jerry’s new anti-Trump pint
The Mercury News
Ice cream titan Ben & Jerry’s made waves this week with the release of “Pecan Resist,” its limited edition — and highly political — flavor calling on Americans to resist oppression and injustice. It was a defining moment for Oakland artist and organizer Favianna Rodriguez, who created the vibrant artwork for the ice cream pint’s label.
Jessica Christian / The Chronicle
Activist Favianna Rodriguez Crafts Multimedia Career with Smart Business Plan
SF Chronicle
Survival for Bay Area artists gets tougher all the time. You need talent but more importantly you need chutzpah, ingenuity and the ability to improvise and adapt. Favianna Rodriguez has all of that.
Favianna Rodriguez on Art & Migration Know No Borders
For The Wild Podcast
Favianna invites us to explore the wisdom of nature and Earth relations as a lense through which to envision an alternative to the current immigration crisis. As climate change advances, the consequence of human migration will only become more pressing, Favianna invites us to explore the freedom in recognizing this beyond the extractive economy.
Jesse Nichols / Grist
Favianna Rodriguez says Climate Change Imagery Lacks a Human Touch
Favianna Rodriguez grew up in Oakland, California. As an artist and activist, her calling card is injecting vibrant, bold images into the fight for climate justice and migrant rights. You might recognize her iconic “defend our mother” poster from the 2014 People’s Climate March.
Pop Collab Collab
5050by2020: Welcome to the Intersectional Power Movement to Change Entertainment and Build Artist Power
Pop Culture Collab
We are artists engaged in creating social change, because we know that culture is power. Art imagines possibility. The stories we interact with on a daily basis shape our human identity. They can either solidify dominant ideologies and perpetuate inequality, or they can introduce us to entirely new ways of thinking.
Rex Pham
Into Action – Artist Favianna Rodriguez On The Role Of Culture In Activism
Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar
As we continue our special reporting from Into Action, the pop-up Art exhibit and conference that took place in Los Angeles from January 13 to 21, we’ll turn next to acclaimed artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez.
Muralist and printmaker Favianna Rodriguez
Oakland North
Rodriguez is a prolific artist and activist, whose Latina-American roots inform her art practice. For the last six years, Rodriguez has produced a body of work titled Migration is Beautiful, now on view at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA).
Glenn Kaino, Favianna Rodriguez, and Hank Willis Thomas to Curate ‘Into Action’ Pop-Up Show in Los Angeles
A 150-artist group show will bring together works made in response to our current political situation. Artists Glenn Kaino, Favianna Rodriguez, and Hank Willis Thomas will co-curate the exhibition, which will open on January 13 and run through January 21.
Living Futures
Favianna Rodriguez and the Power of the Artist
Living Futures
Favianna Rodriguez works tirelessly to promote the power and possibility of art and how it can inspire social change. Part artist and part activist, her mission is to create profound and lasting social change in the world.
These Are the Faces of Art Activism Today
Departures Magazine
A painting can change the way you see the world. But the 15 men and women shown here are betting that art can change the world itself.
Indie Grits
Favianna Rodriguez, Indie Grits' Marquee Guest, Wants More People Of Color in the Art
Free Times
Artist, activist, lecturer, mentor — Favianna Rodriguez has accomplished much in her 38 years. This week, she visits Columbia for the first time to deliver the keynote address and paint a mural at this year’s Indie Grits Festival as part of its Latin American-focused Visiones theme.
Culture Strike: Art in Trump's America
Paste Magazine
“Migration is beautiful.” These three words give dual meaning to Oakland artist Favianna Rodriguez’s daffodil-colored print of a stained-glass-esque butterfly, the wings of which are appropriately filled with human likenesses. The pro-migration butterfly is just one of the many distinctive images used throughout the artist’s transformational body of politically and socially entwined works.
There Can Never be Political Change Without Cultural Change
The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
AWID spoke with artivist Favianna Rodriguez about the role of art as a tool of resistance and what is needed to shift the hateful and damaging words and actions in the USA, under newly elected President Trump´s administration.
Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group
Oakland Artist Taps Power of Art to Organize…
East Bay Times
At 16, Favianna Rodriguez helped lead a student walkout at San Leandro High School. She and her fellow students marched to the BART station where they demanded that the ticket agents let them enter because they had “youth power.”
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