Plant Medicine VI

Monotype Collage and Photo Transfer on Wood Panel
12 x 12 x 1 inches

This series of monotype collages depicts my evolving relationship with nature, plant medicine and magic mushrooms. Over most of 2019, I spent significant time in nature, exploring wondrous spaces in the Colorado mountains, Montana, and on the coast and Redwoods of California. For my entire life, I grew up in urban concrete spaces and I did not have regular access to nature. In my 40’s, I began rekindling my relationship to mother earth as I decolonized my mind and got into right relationship with nature.

Throughout my healing and personal transformation journey, nature offers me a way to connect with a larger universal wisdom. Magic mushrooms and plant medicine are a portal to that wisdom, and they help me understand my relationship to my ancestors and to ALL of life.

The more I understand and witness the effects of man-made climate crisis, the more deeply I connect to my own ancestral responsibility to defend nature. These collages represent that evolution, as well as the practice of healing through nature and reconnecting to the multiverse. In these works, I incorporated new symbols that I added to my collage language in 2019, including hands and new variations of plant leaves.

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